Café 26 salad dressing is currently available in four delicious flavours: Original, Tangy, Caesar and Oriental to bring a little variety back into the way you make salad.Our product range now includes BBQ Rib as well as Smokey BBQ ready-to-use sauces that also double as a marinade. A versatile solution perfected to impress your guests at your next barbeque or dinner.

For all kinds of ways you can use Café 26 products, feel free to view our recipes or even contact us to contribute your own.
Café 26 products can be found at most local IGA stores as well as many independent Fruit & Veg stores in the Perth Metro area. Contact us to find your nearest supplier.All of our products are proudly manufactured in Western Australia.



The original, and still the most popular flavour of the Café 26 Mustard Salad Dressing range. The taste can only be described as ‘somewhat of a mustard taste, not too overpowering with hints of garlic and vinegar’. Try it for yourself and see what everyone is talking about!



Tangy salad dressing has all the tastes that people love about the Original flavour, but adds an extra zesty tang that really livens up a salad. Offering the same great taste, with just that little bit extra; this flavour allows you to create all new taste experiences.



Finally there is Oriental – we replace the olive oil of the Original flavour with sesame oil for a distinctly oriental taste and smell. Great for creating asian-themed meals, or just to add a little exotic flavour to your meals.



Café 26′s Caesar dressing is a twist on the classic caesar flavour. Bringing together subtle notes of parmesan cheese and anchovies but with an added touch of seeded mustard, this dressing makes the perfect caesar salad.


smokey bbq sauce & marinade

This rib sauce brings hints of hickory smoke to add a unique flavour.


bbq rib sauce & marinade

A rich and full flavoured barbeque sauce & marinade. As a marinade it goes perfect with pork ribs or even used as a sauce on top of a burger.

stir fry sauce

A rich savoury sauce that will make any stir fry come alive. In a hot wok or pan, toss your favourite veggies and protein with a drizzle of our stir fry sauce, for an easy and delicious meal.